Bloglines ending


Thanks to The Quilter, I realized in time that Bloglines is ending Oct 1st.

If you need to export your blogs to another aggregator she gives excellent instructions, (hers are to export to Google)

I’m back to spinning, more on that later, I feel my inactivity leaving me, thank goodness!

All of our energy has been taken up with taking care of Syd, and his horrid scar. (see previous post for his Mast cell cancer story) I tell him scars on guys just make them more ruggedly handsome.

He doesn’t seem convinced yet.



  1. Syd is so cute. Hope he's feeling better.

  2. Oh wow, I just read your previous post. Syd sure has a good Mommy who's on the case!!!

    I agree with you, scars just make bad boys look more ruggedly handsome. Give that Syd a big hug and kiss from me :)

    I also just saw that bloglines is shutting down. I'll miss that as that's where I have my "non-knitting" blogs that I read. Not sure I'll import to another service as I have over 600 emails that I haven't read already - LOL Perhaps having a few less blogs to read won't be a bad thing for me ;)

  3. I agree, he's quite handsome!

  4. Syd looks like he's feeling quite a bit better than in the previous photo... thank goodness!


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