Watercolor practice, Just add water

I have recently been captivated by watercolors. This is the last thing I thought I would ever try! But, upon reading Theresa’s blog Blueberries, Art and Life, I was sucked into the world of watercolors.


(I’m getting a little looser with my brush)

I’m amazed at how the colors blend and run, creating a  lightness that is theirs alone.

For a reasonable price you can get a basic set of brushes, paint and paper, and get hooked.

I found a website that has info on watercolors, Handprint.com by Bruce MacEvoy. Of course, like knitting, water color painting comes with a language all of it’s own.

I like this site, lots of tutorials, there is a big learning curve in learning the strokes and how to be loose and free with them. I also tend to want to fill in every speck of the page with color.

Unlike knitting there is no frogging!

It is fun to search for watercolors on You Tube and watch some artists paint.

Below is an example of “wet on wet” from Anders Andersson


So I practice….some trees…




Now go create something!!


  1. You are really good with watercolors! Keep going!

  2. Wow! You are incredibly good! I'm definitely going to get my paints out again.

  3. Now it is just a hop to painting on fabric. I use WC techniques when I want a certain look for a background fabric. FUN!

  4. Very lovely! Watercolors and I rarely get along well enough to work together :)

  5. Lovely! I love watercolor...so dreamy. I was never very good at it though. Too heavy on my brush and I always ended up drenching the page. You are doing awesome!

  6. Vicki!!! You are doing wonderfully! I'm so impressed with you! You are climbing fast!!

    Keep it up!


    P.S. Thanks for the mention and link!

  7. This is fantastic, you're really good at this! Thanks for the links, too.


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