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Patch First Shop
Patch Vintage Shop – This is the shop that really caught my eye. Interesting vintage wear at good prices.

SALE Vintage Blue Flora Linen Blouse $32.00


Vintage Pink Kimono Batwing Blouse $8.00

From her Bio
My name is Patch, I'm Thai and live in Udon Thani, North Eastern of Thailand.
Crystal Beaded Jewelry is my passion. At first I like to buy every kind of jewelry - not expensive one - to match my cloths but sometimes I couldn't find what I want. Then I started to make my own jewelry. All of items in my shop I design from what I like which is another passion of mine Wedding Stuffs... I think about what I will wear when I go to wedding events or sometimes I look at the wedding gowns and think about what will match to those gowns.. As I made them like I will wear them myself, I choose the best quality materials as I can find.. I can guarantee you that you will receive the best quality of jewelry from my shop..
For Vintage items, they are from my mom's closets.. She loves Fashion and she keeps all her cloths as many as she can.. even she can't fit to these cloths now... Most of them is gorgeous and still new coz she wore them several times. At first I want to keep them all but they are 6 boxes of them and most of them is not my style so I think they will be more value for people who really love them.
Anyway, I will be so glad if someone ask me to make custom jewelry for the wedding.. coz as I told you I love wedding events.. Just convo me want you want me to do...
For more about my passions and inspirations... go to my blog.. http://patchfirstshop.blogspot.com
Enjoy shopping!

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