Toe up socks on Two circular needles with Silver

I’ve always wanted to try some toe up socks. I found this wonderful, step by step tutorial from Silver on Toe up socks. You can knit a basic sock or design your own socks. What drew me to this tutorial was how in-depth it is.A video' and step by step diagrams, I thought “yes I can do this”. Each page is a separate step in the sock, broken down into little bits that make it clear and concise. Very detailed!

So I’m off to find my sock yarn and needles.


I had bought some Trekking XXL sock yarn a long time ago in color 135 Circus, it is a self patterning yarn. I took my instructions and yarn to work and actually cast on at lunch, while talking! It was that easy, I got several rows done, and was then off.

Here I’m at home checking out the progress, Penny is not impressed with it. She would rather be running in the yard.


The tutorial recommends to watch a one sock on two circular video on You Tube, once I did that, I understood the concept, and didn’t have any problems. It is an extremely easy method of knitting socks.

I have tried two socks on one circular and two sock on two circulars (with different instructions), but didn’t have much luck. I found that two at a time ended up with much tangling of yarn, and confusion.

This method is easy fast and fun. Silver also has this tutorial set up to encourage you to design your own socks. I highly recommend trying it! (silver blogs here), and has an etsy shop, Come to Silver, where she sells her cute knitting bags and fibers.

This is also the first time I have used the self patterning sock yarn, it is so fun and easy. It keeps me knitting, as I want to see what pattern develops! I would definitely use it again. The Trekking yarn is great, a combo of 75% wool, 25% nylon, gives it a slightly springy feel and makes it easy to work with.  A big skein at  462 yards, 7.5 stitches per inch, size 1-2 needle, it will easily make the size of socks that are needed.

It is Sat. and I’m off, I hope to have a “sock” weekend and relax.


Got a shot of a hummingbird at our feeder.


  1. OMG....he's so CUTE! Seeing a hummingbird is like a special gift because you don't see them all that often. So those little hummingbird feeders really work. We have a little guy that has lived in our yard the past two springs.

  2. How nifty! I love self-patterning yarn. Good luck on your socks. There are definitely some advantages and disadvantages. :)

  3. Your sock is coming along really well. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. What brand and length of needles are you using? How DO you knit so fast? :-) Sheesh!


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