Soul Hat

I had this pattern and wanted to make it for quite some time. After much dithering about the yarn to use. I choose some of my hand spun super wash merino. 


And picked out some beads. At first I thought I was going to leave the beads out, then I thought, seriously, take a chance and I decided to use them! I had a hard time finding a color of bead to use that looked good. I  started the pattern, and frogged it once then went crazy and decided to use a variety of colors of beads to pick up with two predominate colors in my handspun.


The method I chose to use for knitting with beads was the traditional way, string them all on and slip them down when needed. It worked ok, with this amount of beads (108 beads), but if I was using more, I would attempt the crochet method, (see links below)

The pattern calls for the beads to be applied in 5 rows in a twisted rib pattern, I was pleased that it was easier than I anticipated.


I found several good blog posts on knitting with beads. Starting with Claudia at Mr.. Puffy the dog, who was the inspiration for this hat.

From Fluffy Knitter Deb, how to knit with beads crochet style

From Knitty, a through article on beads, and a variety of methods to knit with them

From Fleegle’s blog a tutorial on a modification that allows you to pick up more beads on your crochet hook

From Let’s Knit Together a video on knitting with beads, she shows us how to knit with beads , (a lot of beads) with amazing results, knitted beaded jewelry! Not something I’m ready to tackle….yet


top of hat, to show lacy pattern, blocked over a plate, (as Claudia suggested in her post)


close up of the beads.

So in the end, I love the hat, and now have enough confidence to knit another project with beads! Now if it would just cool off here!

Knit Fast, Dye Yarn
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain."


  1. Lovely! I still haven't the nerve to try knitting something with beads!

  2. I love the hat! Those are the coolest hats. I just did some bead work in a small tapestry I made. I'll post pics soon. God I stink with a needle and thread!

  3. Lovely, lovely! I knitted a scarf with beads...hundreds of them...and strung them on, but I cut the yarn and did it in stages. No way I could have strung them on all at once. I did love doing it. Love the hat. You do such good work.

    How's the painting coming along? I'm working on my graphite pencil sketching before I pick up my paints.

  4. Nice job on the knitting and spinning. I love the beaded hat.

  5. P.S. I love your new header picture.

  6. Beautiful! Love the colors in the yarn and the beads give it a nice pizazz! I did some handbags with beads a couple of years ago and really liked the look.

    Thanks for the links!


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