Etsy Bloggers July 5th Carnival, belated

Twice a month the Etsy Bloggers participate in a blog carnival, the topics are the choice of the host of the carnival. They never fail to make me think or amuse me. And of course I enjoy reading everyone’s view on the subject.

Welcome to the better-late-than-never edition of the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival from July 5th.

Linda B presents Let Freedom Ring! July 4 Blog Carnival posted at Linda B's Blog.

Lois presents Come on, Baby, Light My Fi-yah posted at Foxy G's Den of i-KNIT-quity.

gilliauna presents Immortalizing Yourself for Future Generations posted at The Meandering Musings of a Consummate Shopper.

Megan Smolich presents Handmade Jewelry from Etsy posted at Glue Gun Crafts.

Jessica presents Blog Carnival: What 4th of July Means To Me posted at Cut Your Heart Out.

sexyhandmade presents Moodboard: Ruby love! posted at SexyHandmade.

Betty Mathers presents 4th of July Weekend posted at The ReFORMatory.

BunnyKissd presents BlogCarnival: Ruby Reds posted at Diary of a Crazy Rabbit Lady, Too.



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