Tour De Fleece 2010 Finish

I didn’t get all of my fleece spun up. But I made good headway. I foolishly thought I would be able to return to work and spin up over a pound of fleece! Well a girl can dream.

Dogs sleep, I spin…


I finished the Parrot Fish BLF 4.6 oz, approx 260 yds, yellow and turquoise mix. I like the colors, this is the first roving that I have spun that was bi-colored, and I am pleased with the result!

The BFL from Orion 4.4 oz, ? yds, I have approx 11.6 more oz of this fleece to spin up, but the good news is that it is lovely to spin and I will have enough of it to knit something with, I’m hoping a sweater. I think  the deep brown of his fleece is unusual.


Not much else to report, a visit from family this weekend, so we were all busy. My brother’s new girlfriend knits!

Say no more!! Get the preacher!

I have been playing around with watercolors a little, having some fun. Here is a sample of colored pencils with a bit of watercolor wash.  I really have been wooed by watercolors. I thought that they would be the hardest of paints to work with, but they are making me loosen up and have fun!


May your knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies….


  1. The puppies are adorable. The spinning looks lovely. I agree, the brown is a really nice brown. Nice watercolor/pencil drawing.

  2. Your watercolor looks great! It's very relaxing...unless you've spent a week working on one and hate it when you're done. Do I sound bitter? Sigh.... Love the parrot fish too

  3. I love the ease and fluidity of watercolors. I find acrylic dries too fast and have never tried oils. But watercolors I love. Nice tractor.

  4. I am properly impressed!

    1. Spinning finished... it's lovely!

    2. Your watercolor... is great! You're coming along by leaps and bounds. I'm so proud of you... keep going!

  5. Now I really have to get back to my pencil drawings and open up those oils I got for Mother's Day. You're inspiring me!

    You're inspiring me to spin more, too. It's taken me a year and I still haven't finished up the pound of Welsh Top I bought. Granted, I'm spinning on my kick spindle and it's much slower, but it would have been done a long time ago if I had done a bit every day.

    Darn you for being so ambitious. LOL You're one of my role models, Vicki. :-)

  6. Anonymous7/30/2010

    Your yarn looks gorgeous! Congrats on getting so much done during the tour.


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