Fleur De Lis Mini Felted Tote


Continuing my felted bag obsession I found this pattern, Mini Skulls and Crossbones Tote, from Adrian Bizilia. Very cute but I wanted to use a different motif. I chose this one, a Fleur de Lis knitted chart from About.com.  Look on Ravelry at all of the different bags, from happy faces to peace signs. All so cute!

Still in my destash mode, I found these two colors that seemed to go well together. And I was off with what I hoped was a quick project.


I did have a problem with tangled yarns, until I talked to Eternal Arts and Craft blogger, and decided to wrap the yellow into little bobbins. That make it a breeze. I wished I had tried that at the beginning.Below is bag pre felting.


I also felted this in the front loader. The original measurements were 13 in vertical x 10 in horizontal, after felting it shrank to 10 in vertical x 9 in horizontal. So that holds up to the current estimate of an average 30% shrinkage in height and 10% shrinkage in width.

Modifications: Just the motif, If I made this pattern again, I would hold two strands of yarn together instead of using one. It turned out a bit thin and flimsy, but I am use to using two strands of yarn.

From Knitting on the net, here is a list of charted motifs to add to your knitting and some more knitted chart patterns from Knitting any way and Spinning Too

Want to chart your own pattern? Try looking at So you Wanna be a Domestick Goddess, she includes 3 easy ways to chart your knitting pattern

The bag was small for my taste, but I found that it turned out  just the right size to put my journal and some pencils into, and now I’m ready to travel and sketch! Not too big, easy to toss into another bag and keep everything in order.


If you check out the Ravelry link, you can see other motifs that knitters have used on this bag!

Now go get creative!dOrangeDragonfly


  1. It's so cute!!! I love it ~ enjoy :)

  2. That is so cute! Thanks for the pattern. I also found a cute scarf pattern while I was looking at the tote pattern

  3. This bag is great! I also like to felt with 2 strands of yarn - then I don't have to line the bag. You could always line it with heavy fabric to make it less flimsy.

  4. I'm glad it all worked out! Very nice, love the two colors together!

  5. A HA! I caught that... ready to travel and SKETCH!!! Good for you! Love the little bag.... I like small bags for various things.. then I sometimes put one or more into a really big bag and everything stays where I can find it.

    Thanks for the links!


  6. what a pretty bag... great for the summer:)


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