Cotton Calorimetry

Summer is here! I was looking around for something to put in my hair to keep it under control while outside in our high humidity and hot weather. I’m letting my hair grow (at least for now), and the humidity turns my hair into a frizz bomb. I was searching for something to tame it, yet be stylish. When camping it would be nice to have a good looking alternative to a bandana.
You know how head bands either squeeze your head and stretchy bands migrate off you head. Well I remember the Calorimetry pattern from Knitty winter 06 and wondered how it would knit up in cotton! I love it!
I did make some alterations due to the cotton yarn, and added ties instead of a button to accommodate for shrinkage of the yarn. But this head band just gets better every time I wash it! Soft and the ties allow for a good fit. I used smaller needles and adjusted the number of cast on stitches. I would also make this in other types of yarn, I’m thinking a cotton/linen blend, I found this CotLin at Knit Picks, it is dk weight and 123 yards/50 gram ball, I think this would be enough for one.

Yarn: Peaches & Cream, one ball makes two
Needles: US size 5
Cast On: 70 Stitches for adult size head, 55 for a child or a smaller version.
Knit pattern rows 1-5, repeat this until about an inch is left in the middle of the band that has not been included in the short rows.  Then knit row 7, until you have worked all stitches, then bind off, making sure it is a stretchy, (i.e. not too tight).
002 (2)

Perfect way to keep you hair under control and look good also.
Rav link
Along the way I ran across some other good headband patterns that could be made for summer wear.
CraftGrrl has a cute cable headband
WikiHow has this knitted headband with a twist tutorial
This Moss stitch bow headband is delightful from A Common Thread
From Half Assessed Patterns, a great looking Cabled tie headband with a nice edging.
Now get knitting and tame that hair! Look great on a bad hair day.
May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies….avatar27923_1


  1. Love the soft cotton headband. I'm thinking too that a green cable knit headband would go great with your hair :)

  2. I usually wear a large brimmed hat when I camp. I can stuff my long hair up into the hat and still keep the sun off my face and neck. Added bonus: the hat hides the unwashed hair.

  3. You look suitably cool... and chic! My hair usually goes up and a jaw clip makes sure it stays there! Much cooler to have long hair in the summer... then you can put it up and get it off your neck!

  4. You convinced me to add this to my ravelry queue now. I want to make one in cotton to protect my hair dye-job from the sun at ballgames!

  5. cute headband... i use 'em all the time to keep my (very unruly/curly) hair in check :)

  6. cute headband... i use 'em all the time to keep my (very unruly/curly) hair in check :)

  7. Thanks for posting your Calorimetry mods! I made one a few years ago and followed the pattern exactly...and ended up with something that was GINORMOUS! (I found out later that this happened a lot.) I like the idea of using cotton for this. When it's hot and humid outside, I certainly don't want to wear wool on my head!


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