July Featured Etsy seller

The Etsy seller for July is Sykin, who has two etsy shops, graphic design, and web design!
Sykin Twilight Shop, (the first etsy shop to exclusively carry Twilight inspired items, who knew that vampires would ever become so popular??) and Sykin’s NW Wonders, (handcrafted items & photography from the Pacific Northwest)
She blogs at http://sykin-at-etsy.blogspot.com/
I'm a 26 year old wife, full time worker, and mother to a little boy named Kyler and a little girl named Emma. I design jewelry (inspired by books, music, etc) and hope to start designing clothes and other miscellaneous sewing items as well. Please feel free to browse through my shop and send me a message if you have any questions.
I do take personal requests on jewelry, graphic design, web design, etsy design, etc. Don't be shy! My graphic work can be viewed at http://www.fraying-fabric.net/
A varied and creative woman!

Twilight inspired Cullen Eyes Long Necklace $15.00


Bella Twilight Hat made by Alonia Creations $15.00


Pacific View 5x7 Print $10.00


My World's On Fire 5x7 Print $10.00

The prints make me want to get my watercolors out!

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  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful feature!


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