Felted Big Bag remix, A Bag for everything!

I knitted this pattern once, and loved it so much I decided to do it again! I use my first bag constantly, and love the size, which is 16 long x 14 wide. This time I want to knit it in some vibrant colors, and make the stripes really stand out! I’m in the mood for some happy colors! I know another bag, I like to have a variety of sized bags to carry my flotsam and jetsam to work and around.
Pattern: Baby’s Got a Brand New Big Bag from Maia Discoe (pdf link), (love this pattern, I’m thinking of making a purse sized one soon, maybe decreasing the stitches by about 60 to 70%?)
Yarn: Black, leftover from some projects, yellow, hand dyed by me, multi color orange, red and yellow, hand dyed by me, and some orange Malabrigo
Needle size: 10.5 circulars
OK, so a little further..

002 004
Before felting and after
Felting was done in my top loader, measurements before were 17 inches wide x 19 inches long, after felting measurements are 15 x 15, which is an estimated of felting shrinkage of approximately 10% decrease in width and 30% in height. See my post on my first time felting in a front loader with tips.
This bag is so sturdy and holds a lot! The handles are sturdy! These colors make me smile, I can fit everything I need in here to carry to work, and included some knitting also.
This bag is suitable for a laptop also, with room for other paperwork.
These colors make me smile, they make me think of summer. Tomatoes turning from yellow to red, there is nothing like eating a sun warm tomato right out of the garden!
Yay!! Another bag to carry my stuff in!! I love these!!! I’m working on a crochet version of it now, pattern to follow, for anyone who is interested.
May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


  1. Absolutely love the colors in this bad! Very fall!

  2. Vicki! You've done it again! While I added a modest few rows to my current project you've started and finished one! LOL!!!

    I love this bag. Tried to follow the link a couple of times but nothing came up.

  3. I love the stripe pattern! I love everything stripey - so I copied the pdf -thanks for sharing!

  4. Those colors remind me of riding my bike to work in the early hour of the morning; still-dark horizon and coral clouds streaked with sun. Very cool!


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