Baktus scarf revisited

While going through my stash in my stash busting mode, I came across my first hand dyed, hand spun. Three bulky bright orange skeins of merino yarn (12 oz). It is still in there despite my many attempts to incorporate this yarn into, well, anything.

I was reading Claudia’s blog; The Knitting Blog by Mr. Puffy the Dog,  and she had an idea to make a shawl for visitors in her home. Our house is always on the chilly side, and I thought that was a excellent idea. Adding a bright wrap for visitors would be a welcome item indeed!

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Before dye                                       After dye post, see post here

I finally decided that a big pop of color in the Baktus scarf would be pretty, whether under a coat, or over a summer top to keep the chill off, a super bright touch of orange would be perfect.


I choose the Lacy Baktus version from  Strikkelise on Flickr.

This was a quick and fun project. I forgot how wonderful it is to knit with hand spun yarn. Since the yarn is bulky, I think the size turned out to be just right. Not too bulky to wrap, yet very warm. I would knit this again in another yarn.

Yarn: Handspun, Koolaid dyed (see post here) 12 0z bulky

Needles: size 11 US


Now I’m off to find more patterns to knit up my hand spun with…

From The Big Crafty, 55 Free Shawl Patterns to knit and crochet

This Ravelry link show pattterns that require 100-300 meters of yarn (109-328 yds)

Cosmicpluto has this simple yet effective shawl pattern

Knitted Lace Ribbon Scarf from Veronik Avery, published in Knitty spring 08

Crow Prints Shawl from Silverrose Knitting, OK this is for twice as much yarn, but I love it

May your knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies…s_b6b63f799d1a57cdec76425862db72b4


  1. What a great idea! And I'm all for any excuse to knit another shawl. Or socks. Socks for visitors would be good, too.

  2. Another finished project? Wow! I'm going to enter you in The Knitting Olympics........ my money's on you ;-)

    Thanks for the links... off to check them out now.

  3. The handspun looks great knitted up and love the color!

  4. Cool Aide! That's why that orange is such a neat-o shade.

  5. The color is great!! Am going to see how you dyed it with KoolAid now..

  6. It's beautiful and what a special yarn to wrap all your guests in ~ love it :)

    My sister used the "guest shawl" this weekend and it pleased me immensely to see it in use!


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