Paper bag recycled into knitting bag


My DH bought me a Starbucks coffee cup, and the bag was so cute, and I was feeling creative.

I decided it was the perfect size to carry some knitting projects to work and back. So I found this tutorial on how to harden paper bags, (with dilute glue), by Lauren Volk.

So with a little addition of some stitching, (I stitched over the base of the handles to make them stronger) and I glued a few photos on (careful to remember less is more, don’t succumb to the Bedazzler syndrome, no one with a Bedazzler can put just one stud or rhinestone on an item)).

I wrapped some ribbon yarn around the handles and secured it, and painted the whole thing inside and out several times with the glue mix. I did cut a cardboard base to glue into the bag. Careful to set the bag up and shape it as it dries, and there is a fine line between just enough glue layers and too many. (too many make your paper bag brittle)

Happy with the result I decided to find some fun fabric and line it.

I just traced each side onto my fabric, and added 1/2 inch for seam allowance, add this at the top also. If you want a pocket, cut out a square the size you want, hem the edges and place on one side, towards the bottom, too far towards the top will make the bag top heavy with any item in your pocket. Sew around the pocket, leaving the top open.

Now sew all all your pieces together, for a smooth edge at the top, roll the fabric over and seam, insert into your bag. It should fit nicely.

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Turn the corners and make a stitch half the length of the sides of the bag. This will allow for a better fit in the bottom.


You can secure the fabric to the top of your bag by sewing (with machine), hand stitching (use some embroidery stitches), or the easy way, glue.

A hot glue gun is handy and fast.



Now fill your bag up with some yarn and needles and feel good!

Or if your interested in making another type of recycled bag here are a few:

Fusing Plastic Bag Tutorial from Amanda L. at Etsy

Make Cheap and Easy Fabric Produce Bags from Wisdom of the Moon blog

Bird Seed Grocery Bag Tutorial from Curbly.com

Scrappy reusable produce bag Tutorial from A Day in the Life of the Hooks



  1. Wow that is a great idea I love how it came out.

  2. Well, I'm impressed! Would never have thought of that but it's a great idea! Would also make nice gift bags.... think I'd skip the lining though. Glad you shared this... I'd long wondered what to do with the pretty paper bags I've saved over the years!

  3. Odd, yet very nifty! I never would have thought of doing anything like that. Now I'll have to wait until I get a paper bag. . .

  4. I love your recycle projects! My daughter works at Starbucks so I've got bags a plenty for this.

  5. What a clever idea! I would never have thought of doing something like that but I love it!


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