Crochet bath poofs and knitted dish cloths

Early in my time off, after my fall, in a drug induced state. I realized I couldn’t knit anything, well that involved a pattern. So I started with dishcloths, I soon had a grocery bag full of them and many happy co-workers and friends,


In the process I came upon many fun dishcloth patterns, from the blogger Dish and Washcloth Mania, you have to check out all of her links to other great bloggers with dishcloth mania, she has complied quite a fabulous list of patterns, as well as many great ideas of her own. Can we ever have too many? No, I think not. Soft cotton that just gets softer every time it is washed, nice!

There is also a long list of free crochet bath related items at Crochet Patterns Central


After sending my DH out I don’t know how many times to get more cotton yarn, in whatever color caught his eye. I was ready to move on. I found several patterns for crochet bath poofs!.

There seems to be two different way to construct these the hyperbolic crochet bath poof, and the double crochet in the loops bath poof. I have made them both, and don’t have a preference. I will say I love the softness of these, they suds up good and I wash them  and throw them in the dryer, and they just get softer. The only drawback is if you make them from cotton they take some time to dry, I live in a humid area in the country and don’t have good ventilation in my bathroom. I usually hang them outside in the sun to dry. The one in the second photo is made with red heart yarn. It dries fast, and is scratchier, I think of it as loofa like, for some exfoliation. But even the red heart one is better than the store bought poof.

The best tutorial I found for the Hyperbolic crochet bath poof is from Yelley on Crafster.org, she doesn't blog anymore but her blog does have

043 037

Beginning above and,  Done!

some patterns on it worth taking a look at TwoCentHooker.


Here is a good pattern for the double crochet bath poof from  Crochet Spot, this is the pattern I used for the two poofs, I used a ball of sugar and cream for each of them. 2 oz for each.


Here is a variation for a super sized bath poof.(above) from Cat’s Cradle Creations, made with camo red heart yarn, faster to dry

Now spoil someone and go make a bath poof!


  1. I just threw out all my kitchen dish cloths because they were 'skunky'. Now I get to make more. Fun!

  2. Well, I never! Who'd have thought of making bath poufs? :-)

  3. Anonymous7/10/2010

    Oh cool, they look great with all the different colors mixed together! I bet they would make great ornaments/decorations too, if you make them in shiny thin yarn :).


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