You may be a knitter if….


1. You may be a knitter if, during a really bad movie you start looking at all the sweaters and knitwear and critiquing them in your head.

2. You may be a knitter if, you are constantly deciding if it will viewed as “rude” if you knit _______. (at a reception, meeting, church……)

3. You may be a knitter if, you can walk up to a total stranger, because you know they are wearing something hand knitted. Twenty minutes later you part, with info on the yarn, pattern, problems encountered during the knitting of it, and email address.

4. You may be a knitter if, you wake up in the middle of the night dreaming about knitting.

5. You may be a knitter if, you use the same adjectives to describe yarn as you would your favorite dessert.

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Now go do some knitting

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  1. Anonymous6/13/2010

    Oh that was funny! Although I guess the knitter won't doubt if it's rude or not to knit everywhere. Or is it a reckless knitter then?
    # 5 is yeeeeaaaaah yummy yummy yarns...
    I'd add one about desperate knitters - when you forgot to eat/sleep/what day is it today - because you were knitting.

    Thanks for sharing - it's morning here and your post put a smile on my face.
    *gone knitting*

  2. I do this with quilts. Have you ever noticed quilts in movies? Or fantastic fiber art jackets on a person walking down the street. I embarrass my hubby sometimes.

  3. I loved every one of them. I can identify with number 3.

  4. I must be a Knitter - because I agree with all of them!

    I'll add that you also LOVE to look at pictures of total strangers who are wearing something hand knit - LOL

    BTW, love the new look to your blog!

  5. You may be a knitter if.... you forget your shopping list when going out shopping with the hubby... but don't forget your knitting bag so you can knit on the way there and back!


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