Crochet Free Form Bird Houses

I’m on a mission to reduce my stash. I was trying to come up with a good project for some bulky yarn I had. Sitting outside, enjoying watching some birds nesting in my last years knitted bird houses (see pattern 1 and 2), I decided to attempt a free form crochet bird house.

I decided to base it on the little finch nesting boxes I use to have for my caged birds.


Begin with some bulky yarn and a fairly large crochet hook, I used a K size.

Chain 4 and join with slip stitch.

round 1; Sc 7 times in loop

round 2; Now 2sc in each stitch

round 3; sc, 2sc, repeat

round 4; sc all around, spacing in 2sc 3 times evenly

continue round 4 until your base of your bird house is the size you want.


Now just sc all around until the house is deep enough to make you happy. Then sc across, turn and go back stopping just short of your beginning of the row, (this is the entrance of the bird house). Continue sc back and forth until the house is tall enough to suit you.

Now fold the top together and sc across the top. Yay, Now chain a length and attach on each side to hang your house with.

016 I made these in all wool.


Ready for someone to move into! Yay, someone, yet unsighted is moving nesting material in!!


  1. Wow! How neat! Never would have thought of knitted/crocheted bird nests! What a creative person you are!

    How's the return to work going? Getting along okay?

  2. Anonymous5/27/2010

    Your bird houses look awesome! What birds do you think will nest in them? That's so curious!

  3. That is such a neat idea. I'm totally stealing it.

  4. These are so cool! What a great idea!


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