Knitting podcasts and stash busting


I have had some spare time lately to catch up on my knitting! I’m trying to do some major stash busting. Listening to my favorite knitting podcasts always makes for pleasant knitting. Look at my sidebar for a list, for my old favorites, but I have found quite a few new ones that I love. I’m always looking for new podcasts.

Rarely do I not get inspired after listening to several of these, whether it is a new yarn, shop, pattern or even problem that the podcasters are talking about. I always get excited and think “I can do that!”

Look at the Ravelry list of Fibery Podcasts!!

Here are some new podcasts I’m listening to and loving! (if I haven't made a comment, I haven’t listened to an episode yet)

Round the Twist (video podcast)

Let’s Knit Together (video podcast)

Sticks & String (only listened to one so far, an Australian bloke, who is so far very interesting and nice to listen to)

Stash & Burn (love it)

Bark N Knit

Stitch It 

Electric Sheep

Knitting at Night

The Savvy Girls (these girls are so funny)

Brass Needles

Sassy Pants Knitter

CraftLit (love it)

Belle Of the Ball 

Spin Control (a totally radical podcast!)

Double Knit

It is nice to hear someone natter on about yarn and knitting. My husband and I share a mp3 library. One day he came home and said, “how do you listen to women talk about yarn for an hour?” I just looked at him and said, “Nascar?”. OK point made. Although I love Nascar myself.

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  1. NASCAR .... good come back! LOL!
    I love knitting podcasts. I also found a good weaving podcast on Weavzine by James Koehler, you might find interesting: http://www.weavezine.com/audio

  2. I have never heard a podcast like this before! :o) it was really fun! Thnx!

  3. Nascar, great comeback. lol
    I love Sticks and String. He's my fav. podcaster Been listening to him from the beginning. All the other seem to fall by the wayside. I'll have to give a listen to the newer ones.
    BTW, be sure to mark your calendar next year for the Ky. Sheep and Fiber festival. This year's was wonderful. Have you recovered from your fall. Hope so.


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