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The featured Etsy seller is Handmade by Sandi, from Suffolk, Virginia.

Below is by Sandi:

I learned how to crochet from my mom, many years ago (too many to count). I loved making hats and scarves for family members, as well as crocheted stuffed animals for children.
In 2006, after starting chemo treatment for breast cancer, I crocheted myself little hats and skull caps to keep my head warm - even in bed!
With the completion of my treatment, and my energy level coming back - I decided to pay it forward, by crocheting hats for other cancer patients. What a wonderful feeling to give back for all the help I received!
I love the feel of soft yarn, when I am working with it, as well as wearing a finished item - makes me feel hugged, and you will too - when you try one of my scarves or hats.
Of course, I also love to sew, and create items that make life easier.
In addition - I love to wear earrings - and I'm always trying new styles.

Some of my favorite items:

Pink Coffee Cozy with Flower $10.00

coffee cozy

GO GREEN Water Bottle Sleeve $8.00

water bottle

Boo Boo Bunny - Soothe Away Those Owies - Block Cube Included $4.00


Along with many, many other items in her shop. Check out her blog, The T Shirt Lady

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  1. What lovely items she makes! It was great to learn something about her history.


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