Imagine a perfect sweater

I saw this pattern in Knitty Spring 2009 and fell in love with it! The simplicity and style. {rav link}.

I had some beige 100% wool yarn and decided to use that instead of the cotton it calls for. And then something happened…..see this post, I wanted color, bold beautiful living color!

OK, I had the pattern and the yarn, now ready to cast on! I knitted my gauge swatch, like a good girl should. Ready to go now.


Studying the pattern  I kept thinking, it looks a little boxy, I’ll add a little shape to it, maybe some decreasing around the waist…..and I do so wish it was knitted  “in the round” sweater.

My first sweater attempts were comical, several looked like they were made for Quasimodo, my next phase consisted of neck problems, I couldn’t get my head into the neck or the neck was x rated. I was apparently knitting for an entire sideshow.

Then I discovered Elizabeth Zimmerman!  Amazingly, I could knit sweaters to fit, and I loved it! Like a good mystery, you have all of the info (no important information with held) and the end falls into place nicely, with a twist or two, so it’s not predictable. I was in love with making sweaters!

That durn Gauge is the most important element in knitting, it cannot be overemphasized! This is a good site to explain gauge.

On Plurk on day, I was lamenting my dilemma of how to fit the sweater when Diva Knitting (website here), suggested a top down pattern!! Thank you! I found this online, “The Incredible Custom Fit Raglan Sweater”.

I used that, and unearthed a book I had ‘Knitting from the Top’ by Barbara G. Walker.  Book and internet source in hand, I’ve cobbled a pattern together.

Knitting from the top down is great! While loving knitting in the round EZ style, she knits from the bottom up. When knitting from the top down, I can try it on as I go. and adjust. So far I love it, and would make more sweaters in the method.


The peace sign about half way done, soon to start the body and put the sleeves on stitch holders.

013 Sleeves on stitch holders, peace sign almost done. I feel the urgency of finishing as the morning dog walks are cool and the leaves are starting to turn.

Well fast forward to May, yes the sweater “rested” for a bit.  But when I picked it up, it was a quick knit to finish the sleeves and the body.

Adjustments I made:

1. Used the Top Down method, see above references, for a better fit. Including some body shaping.

2. Being a “pear” I was afraid of the rolled hem on the bottom of the sweater, so I changed it to a k1, p1 hem.

3. I used the I-cord bind off on the neck and sleeves, the neck the 3 stitch I-cord and the sleeves the 2 stitch. I found these on You tube. This is my new favorite way to bind off! Thanks to iknitwithcatfur for her I cord bind off tutorial video (3 stitch I cord), and stell66 for her 2 stitch I cord bind off tutorial video.

Here it is all done!046

I love the pattern and how it turned out!


And by the way, look at how long my hair is! Now to anyone having long hair they will laugh, but my hair hasn’t been this long since the 80’s. Thanks to the Henna, of course I didn’t fix it for the photos, so better photos to come!



Shows the front peace sign.

I’m happy with the fit!!

On to the next sweater….


  1. Very nice! I definitely think it looks better in your green.

  2. Looks very nice and comfy on you! That you may wear it many years:)

  3. Great job! And I love your hair. The green really goes with it. I need to put that sweater on my queue now.

  4. Nice :) Can't go wrong with a peace sign really. I like the icord bind off too, it looks a lot more polished than the normal kind.

  5. What a great sweater! And you sure finished it up in a hurry. Glad to know I'm not the only one who lets knitting projects "rest". Heck, I've got one project that's in the Rip Van Winkle stage.

    Thanks for the links... saved them to my favorites.


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