Time flies

Add some spray paint and a new back ground, spaceship and a plant. Now you can see time flies, but don’t know how fast.

I have been neglecting my blog reading.

Things that have kept me busy:

1. Frogging my lace shawl, I have been looking at this and doing a lot of sighing. I finally decided that I would frog it and make something else with the yarn. I’m thinking toe up socks, I like this pattern from Wendy Knits. It is a simple pattern and I need to make a fast pair of socks.

I switched to a hand spun yarn that a friend of mine spun, and I have had for a time, waiting to use it.

Crap, now that I see the pics, I think the original looks pretty good.

2. Still slowly knitting on my purse to be felted from Bags that Rock book.

3. Had a soap cozy marathon one night while mindlessly watching TV.

4. Primarily I am in a yarn work mania, it has been three years since I have gotten into the beds and properly weeded, planted and mulched. My nails and hands are shot, but the yard looks great. My husband is tired of me asking him to dig up, saw off or move shrubs and trees. I keep thinking I am done, but then more plants come home with me in my car. Now I think we need a load of dirt or two. (now that is some work). Photos later.

5. Spinning, I am going to get one more plied skein of yarn from this fiber and then I’m going to dye it.

6. I knitted another wire birdhouse, pattern to follow.

7. I have vowed to organized my sewing room, really. If I put or throw out three thing every time I am in the room, well how long will it take me to organize it? Yes Knitters this is like a 3rd grade math problem that I could never figure out then either.

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies.

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  1. Hmmm, I think my internal clock is a bit like your spaceship one. Very cool re-make!

    Now, stop talking gardens! I have a yard begging for help (thank goodness it is tiny) and I feel I have no time to add one more thing to my full plate. Ack!

    I saw a dandelion today. It's impossible to ignore the outdoors any more, I think.

    Trying to stay with my to-do list... currently sporting 18 things on it. Sigh.


  2. I quite like the idea of a clock that doesn't actually tell you the time, or is that an oxymoron. I certainly don't want to be reminded of time passing right now. It makes me feel way too guilty. Good to see that you've been using it all wisely.

  3. I like the 2nd version of the shawl because the diamonds stand out more thanks to all the yo surrounding them.
    Your birdhouses are so creative and fun-looking!
    I too have been spending every spare minute in the garden. I've been planting, weeding those miserable dandilions out, and building a new veggie bed.


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