I love it when a plan comes together, even accidentally

Thanks to everyone that gave me advice and ideas about my sadly felted purse. I now know a lot more about felting. See the comments of my felting post. Good tip from A Bag of Olives, "the piece USUALLY (but not always) shortens lengthwise about 30% more than width-wise."

My husband is a drummer and plays in a percussion ensemble. They were playing that night and as were walking out he looks at my bag and says "are you making me a stick bag?", well, you know any good spouse who needs to stall for time repeats the question "making you a stick bag"? And the light bulb went off above my head. {For anyone that doesn't know this is kind of a purse for your drum sticks and other drumming items.} Husband "and it matches my drums!"

Giggles from me at this point, I love it when good karma comes back to me!

My pitiful bag was to become a one of a kind accidental "stick bag", thanks to Spin, Knit and Life who gave me the advice to refelt and even put it in the dryer to make it smaller. Not good for a purse, well think smaller, camera, ipod, makeup? She also gave me a great link workingwithfelt.ning.com, lots of good info here.

So I tossed it in the washer (again}

And then measure again, keep a close eye on it, and toss it in the dryer, watch out....

It can get little really fast!

My husband handcrafts custom drum sets, he also combines the dyes and paints them.

You can see the fit is perfect, it holds all of sticks he needs

And the handle is very thick and strong, I usually feel like I have to reinforce a knitted handle, to prevent stretching.

Styling now.....

Made with the Kelly bag pattern, I used Patons Classic Wool in Forest, 2 skeins

Felted and felted again, then dried until desired size

Thanks again to everyone that had input, and yes I did tell my husband the real story.

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  1. That is awesome. So glad it worked out. I like the way the bag colors match the large drum.

  2. I love that this worked out so well!!

  3. He's really lucky to have you. Well done indeed, and talk about the perfect match made out of the one thing that led to the next that - and, and... I think the old man called Dao would smile amused.

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