Things that make me smile...

Lynn at Colorjoy, she blogs, she knits, she spins, and sings. She has a shop and sells yarn, handmade buttons and more.

Check her out, she is a constant inspiration, and as she reminded me recently. Every one needs some down time. Thanks Lynn, you have turned my sluggish feeling into a much needed rest. Giggles....

I got some spinning done. This is the cotton candy, more pics later. I think it is going to be a lace shawl.

This is my first attempt at plying, I have about 8 more oz of this roving. I'm entertaining the idea of dyeing it. It is so soft and fluffy. I don't know what to make with it.

I actually got the freakin Kelly bag, (great pattern, but I didn't like my yarn choice) done and ready to felt.

After the ice storm I lost almost all of my fish, the only survivors were my plecos. They are so graceful to watch, I call them my underwater ballerinas.

Now they have company, I bought a Betta, Mr. Fish, he is blue and looks happy in a 30 gallon tank.

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May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies..


  1. Such a lot of interesting stuff going on! Your spinning is really coming along fast and I think you are wise to ply the yarn for your shawl as a single ply for a shawl might not hold up well and after all that goes into knitting lace you want it to wear well!

  2. Your spinning looks lovely and I can't wait to see the bag after you felt it. I've had a fascination with felting just recently (although my quarter-paid apartment front loader doesn't really lend itself to it).

  3. You are so sweet, what a nice little comment about my work. Hugs back to you!

    I have one skein of white handspun that is fluffy like that. I have not known what I should do with it so it has just been a favorite for squeezing as I pass by it on the shelf.

    Lately I get headaches when I wear a standard turtleneck top under my sweaters. I've switched to crew necks and scoop necks, but now I get cold at home. So...

    I think maybe I'll make a "neck warmer" (seems to me they used to be called gaiters?) and that will probaby be a perfect use of lightweight, super-soft, fluffy and light yarn.

    Now to choose how this idea will look when complete. There are so many choices...


  4. I'm sorry you lost so many fish.
    Mr. Fish is beautiful. I used to have a Betta years ago. I loved watching him swim so gracefully.
    You are really doing a great job with your spinning.


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