No Monkey Butt here

Living in southern Indiana is a fun experience, we are just 5 miles north of Kentucky. When we moved here it took a bit to get accustomed to the culture. The people are friendly and warm. When passing anyone in a car you usually get a nod or a wave.

This area has a large population of German Catholics, it embraces its history and people with festivals, churches, schools, and lots of good food. The area was rich in farming when we moved here, but like anything else, that has changed. So many farm fields are now housing developments. I miss driving down roads that had corn like a wall on each side and plenty of birds, possums, raccoons and deer.

We are in a valley surrounded by three rivers. the Ohio, the Green and the Wabash. Often referred to as River City or much less kindly, the armpit of Indiana, that is from a ENT doc. (we all have sinus problems here)

Upon moving here we learned that we MUST go to Rural King, everyone shops there. You can get your horse tack, ammo, tires for your tractor, salt shakers, tree and flowers, chicks and ducks and a ton of candy, I like to see what I can find unusual when we stop there.

My find while I was buying flowers was a product called Anti Monkey Butt Powder. And you have to see the product to appreciate it! I’m not sure what Monkey Butt is, but I surely hope I never get it. If I do, I will run right out and purchase this, which is sure to fix me right up.

Check out the website, you can even get a temporary tattoo, tee shirt or a hat among other things. And there logo is eye catching and kinda cute.

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies…

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  1. Rural King sounds like my kinda store. I wish there was something like that around close to my part of Lima. Gosh, I miss things like that. Next time I go home, I think I'll head over to the Ranch Wholesale store, just to smell the saddle leather and chicken feed. Honestly! You never know what you have till you don't have it.

  2. Hmmm, I have complained about many things over the years. I never knew I could be missing out on whatever monkey butt might be.

    Nice to know at least one plague has not beset me. Actually, most of my plagues were long ago, and I'm counting blessings...

    LynnH, still giggling

  3. Hey Vicki. I enjoyed this post. I took me down memory lane. I miss going to feed stores.
    I'm like Kathleen I love to smell the leather and feed.
    I think monkey butt is what you get when you ride a bicycle for too long. I think.


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