New Year's Day Knitting

It's New Years Day, and while I'm not sure I'm going to make any "official" resolutions. I am making this an all day knitting event.

Confetti fills the sky at the New Year's eve festivities, Thursday, Jan. 1. 2009 in New York's Time's Square. (AP Photo/Stephen Cherrin)

Michelle, a good friend of mine, who I had knitted a scarf for, last year. Needs a new one, her roommate decided to "wash" it, with her jeans etc....you can see where I'm going here. Wool and mohair blend, now felted, or I think it tried to felt, but with the jeans, socks etc...

So I picked out a yarn that might hold up a little better for her. (translation, machine washable).

On to the next project....

I had picked out a felted purse bag pattern for myself. I don't usually use, or wear anything that I knit.

I picked out the Retro Bag by Shelley. I wasn't on the side of town with a "real" yarn shop so I decided that I would pick something out at Michaels. I tried for a color I wouldn't normally look at.

I settled on Lion Brand Wool, it said felting on the label. In Goldenrod, I have a habit of picking out the same colors over and over. So my new idea is to pick out the yarn I am not drawn to. This color reminds me of the 70's, and my mothers decorating in her den.

I started the pattern and ended up adding 10 rows to the bottom, it looked unbelievably small, and I'm a big purse girl. I am also planning on adding some rope or fabric inside of the handles, which are I cord, so it does not stretch as much. My purses are usually pretty heavy. I consider it part of my workout routine, think how many calories I must be burning by carrying a purse and tote bag everywhere!! It's surprising I'm not "too thin" insert snort here.

While looking around I also found this pattern, also felted and supercute!! From the JCasa handmade blog, she has a shop also, on Etsy no less. With some cute, patterns, quilts and knitted items....

OK back to knitting...

Happy New Year, and don't forget to register for the big free scarf drawing here!!

Item I'm giving away here...

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies


  1. Oh, what an unhappy end for the scarf gift :( You are a good friend to make her a new one :)

    I do that too. I try and make a conscious effort not to pick the same colors yet I just did exactly that again yesterday and I didn't even realize it until I was home and thought to myself - now why did I do that??

  2. Anonymous1/02/2009

    Happy New Year Vicki! The scarf and purse are looking good!


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