Evolution of a crochet sheep pattern

I know it's after Christmas and even post New Year's Day, but here is my "herd of sheep" ornaments.

Basic pattern from: Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet.

This is Syd, he likes to keep an eye on all yarny things...

From the basic pattern the evolution was as follows:

Body too fat, needs to be smaller...

smaller but too long...

Right size, but legs are not quite right...

Ok now legs look good, my girlfriend was over (lives on a farm) and said where are their ears?

Ears?? OK now they have ears..

Smiles....So I had plans to make around 20 ornaments to give away. Maybe next year, now that I have the pattern tweaked to my satisfaction...

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies....



  1. I love the sheep! I need to get my crochet hooks out again. You're motivating me.

  2. Syd is adorable. I love his ears perked up like that.

    The sheep ornaments are such fun.

  3. Your sheep crack me up! Love the tree decorated with them all together like that :)

    My spinning desire has for some reason disappeared and in its place I think I want to weave or sew! Not sure which yet.


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