This and that, links to free knitting and crochet patterns and more....or everyone is getting ready for a budget minded Christmas

I am a Internet knitting and crochet pattern aholic. I love free patterns, and there are so many of them online. Who isn't trying to save money for any gift giving that we do. Here are some I found that you may enjoy making for the Holidays.

Fingerless Crochet driving gloves by LionBrand yarns, I like these! They are different than any of the "fingerless gloves" I have seen before. I have made the LionBrand patterns before, and recommend them. Although they are shown on a woman, I plan to make a pair for a man. If you use the recommended yarn by LionBrand these would cost about $5 to make.

crochet driving gloves

Next pattern is also crochet, this one is from Berrocco, it is a unusual felted hat. The instructions call to crochet it, felt it, and cut it out. Sounds mistake proof, If you use the Alpaca yarn called for the cost would be approximate. 11.50 or so.


A free sock pattern that is fun is "tipsy" by Gina House from Sleepy Eyes Knit blog, (go to her blog and check out other great patterns!), this is a good sock pattern, easy, yet has a pattern, and if you use the recommended yarn, adds a great extra visual kick! Check out the pattern and her blog. The pattern calls for Sereknity yarn sock options in Pretty in Punk. That will run you around $20 and the colors are delicious from Black forest fudge to Tree frog and Wattamelon.


And then I found these super cute knitted mini stockings, free pattern from Joann's store. I always want to knit a stocking for everyone. With these mini ones, you can do it! And they are so cute. Also a good way to use up your yarn stash! If you use the yarn called for Sensations™ Soles & More sock yarn, I don't think you will be disappointed, I have used it before and at a price between 3-5$ it is a deal. 75% wool, 25% Nylon. You can splurge and get all the colors you want and go crazy with little stocking. I can see a whole tree done in sock ornaments!


Happy holiday knitting!!

May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies!!




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  1. I have used the Soles and More yarn, the gray in fact. I have found it to be softer than some of the imported yarns (like On-line). YMMV

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I like those gloves. It's funny; I actually just bought two balls of Soles and More today. I really want to make some mini-socks now =)

  3. I love the felted hat pattern. So unusual! Thanks for the link.


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