The life lessons that knitting taught me or The top ten reasons that I knit

I guess if I had to say one thing about knitting in my life it would be something like, "when things get tough, the tough get knitting".

Knitting has been present in my life starting about age 7 or so. My grandmother taught me to knit. She has patient and let me make my mistakes without flinching. Although she seemed to be able to perform magic with yarn and needles when she was showing me something. I never saw her knit for herself.

Born in 1900, she was a hardworking woman, had 11 children and a husband that I never knew. He died very early. They had a grocery store together, and although I never saw it, there was much evidence of it in her rambling home. Old crocks, pitchers and glass candy jars. After she lost her husband and the grocery. She became a nurses aid, which she worked at until the late 70's. I remember the hospital finally forced her to quit.

So I would see her knit here and there, pieces with shapes that I couldn't imagine what they were. I would ask and she would say, "oh I'm making a sweater for poor Mrs. Kimball, she lost her leg, or her daughter, had cancer etc... after a bit a catastrophe seemed normal.

I have dabbled in many crafts, too many to number, but I noticed that in extreme good or bad times, my knitting appeared in my hands.


1. Knitting lets your mind and body rest and regroup. Or take a lesson from your cat, take a break and a nap.

2. It teaches you that whatever you started out knitting is usually not how the item is going to turn out. Or you don't look like that willowy model that has the sleeves pushed up in the picture, because the sleeves are too big around.

In life when do plans ever turn out the way we envisioned them in our minds.

3. Gauge, gauge, gauge, super important, Or get the right size and type of  needle for the job. Or don't get all excited and jump into any project without all of the information you need. Or if it's a problem come at it from a different angle.

4. That beautiful yarn that was purchased is a bitch to knit with, and scratchy.  First impressions can be seriously wrong, you know that cute guy that you lusted after, but then 3 weeks into the relationship the rose colored glasses came off and the jerk wasn't cute at all.

5. Ribbit. Yes even when life throws you a serious curve ball, and that job or marriage that was going to be perfect isn't, it's ok to start over, life is a learning process. Counselors and lawyers and friends are eager to help.

6. You've finished the project, now you don't like it or it doesn't fit. It feels great to give things.

7. People love people who knit. It's a warm fuzzy calming process, even to watch. It may calm that irritating co-worker that you are ready to strangle as well as keep your hands busy.

8. Knitting lace is especially good during a family gathering. We all love our family, but sometimes its nice to have to pay close attention to the lace pattern, instead of how close Uncle Sam is to starting a brawl after Thanksgiving dinner. Or it's not my dog in that dog fight, keep it that way. You can always take a break and call 911.

9. Builds confidence and you knitters know no strangers. In a quite little way, step by step you learn I can really do this. Most people can use a little more self confidence. When you see a total stranger knitting, it is totally acceptable to go up and start talking, it's like meeting an old friend.

10. It's FUN!!! Try it!! Treat yourself, you can start at your price point,  take a trip to the yarn store. I recommend this because there is a real live person that can help you pick out everything you need and give your a project at the level you need, and take you in hand and guide you.

Use MapMuse to find your Local Knitting Store!

May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies!

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  1. Anonymous11/07/2008

    Spot on! :)

    (Also give KnitMap a try for finding an LYS. Many listings have user-contributed reviews--often in great and useful detail.)

  2. I understand the extreme times knitting. It is when I start the most new ideas. I think it serves as a distraction from things that are beyond your control anyway.

  3. Lovely post. I especially liked hearing about your grandmother.

  4. Anonymous11/11/2008

    Vicki, such a lovely list.'m not one of those folks who has one hobby that I am consumed with love for. Yet I find knitting something that I do regularly, if not constantly. Right now I'm in a knitting mood and have just about finished a scarf and have a sweater in the opening stages as well. I'll probably get out of the mood before it is done, but I will return to it and finish it. I'm just slow....lol...


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