Crochet Octopus key chain tutorial, Free pattern

I started making these and had so much fun I decided I would turn them into

something useful. Ta da..Keychain.


Small amount of yarn, I like to use a multicolor, only about 1 oz, any type is ok from embroidery floss to chunky yarn. Yes Red heart is good for this project.

Hook: use the hook recommended for the yarn you choose, see label of yarn.

Stitches to know: sc, sl st, chain, how to increase, how to decrease.If you need help learning to crochet or a refresher check this site out.

Eyes: I used glue on google eyes (i actually found mine at the dollar store), there are also child safe eyes, and of course you can just make a french knot and some dark yarn and embroidery some on. There are also Chenille balls you can use for eyes.

Batting or yarn: to stuff head, small amount.

Key chain if desired: I bought a pack of 80 for under 2 dollars at walmart.021 (2)

Beginning; chain 3

Rnd 1: In first chain space, sc 7 times, this is crocheted in a continuous circle, you may wish to mark the end of this Rnd with a safety pin or a piece of yarn.

009 First round done

Rnd 2: * sc, 2sc in next st * repeat until end

Rnd 3/4/5: Continue Rnd 2 three times.

010 Top of head looks good here.

Rnd 6: sc in all sts around

Rnd 7: *sc x3, dec 1* repeat until end. Now you should start to see the head start to form. (If you need help to dec. see this link)

Rnd 8, 9: sc all around. If you want your octopus head to be elongated repeat this round until your happy. (I did 3 rows of this)


Now I think this head looks about right.


Rnd 10: *sc x2, dec 2*, repeat until end.

Rnd 11: sc all around.

Rnd 12: sc, dec 2, until you have 9 st left. Don't break yarn off.

Now we are ready for the legs!!

025 After doing my decrease rounds


Rnd 1: chain 23, still using yarn that you have from the head last round.

028 Chaining enough for first leg

Rnd 2: Turn and sl stitch the next 5 sts, sc the remaining sts, until you get to the last stich, sl st in original stitch on base of octopus.

030 Showing beginning of sl stitches back

sl st to originial st on base First leg done, back at body base.

Leg will curl around, this makes it look better.

Turn, now don't make all of the legs the same length. make them longer, shorter, fatter, this is when your octopus comes alive.039 Admire you work, listen to your instincts.

Attach yarn to next stitch at body base for next leg.

041Attaching yarn for 2nd leg

042 Chaining 2nd leg

Legs 2-8: Chain any where from 10 to 27, turn sl st back about on third of your stitches you decided to use. now sc the rest of the stitches. To make some of the legs fatter, you can sc back down about a third of your stitches here, and sl st down to the end of the leg, cut your yarn leaving about a 5 inch tail.

044 Two legs done here

046 Three done

048 now five,

003 (2) Done! Eight legs!

Have fun with this! Continue until all 8 legs are made!

Now weave all of the ends of yarn in.

If you want to make him a key chain do this before stuffing.

Also if you are using child save eyes, place and attach them now.

Make a new chain of 20 or so stitches, pulling them tight, Draw it though the top of the head and knot it inside of the head. Now you can add the keychain to this.

Stuff all of the leftover pieces and yarn into head now.

Push any up into the head that are from attaching the legs to the head, and place a small amount of batting or yarn into the head, as much as desired, and now stitch the head loosely closed, working ends in.

Enjoy, if you make this pattern, I would enjoy seeing your version of it!

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  1. Aww. The are cute. I like the grey one the best.

  2. So cute! I love the eyes, they really give them character!

  3. Great pattern! I love it.

  4. Verycute. I'm just learning to crochet - I'll be back after I get the basics mastered.

  5. I like this! Your tutorial is very clear. I'll have to whip out my yarn and hook and make one of these.

  6. Thank you for the great tutorial!!

  7. Anonymous4/30/2009

    crochetdorable!! LOL!!
    thank you for posting this tute!!
    ~christi :))
    virginia beach, VA

  8. :D :D I made this, it was soooo adorable!! I dont mine is as good though, the stitching is really messy where his legs are, because I decided to add unpopped popcorn seeds and had to stitch tight to make sure they didnt fall out.... but its okay...

  9. Oops... I guess the links didnt publish right... sorry,, here they are:

  10. Still didn't... dont know how to get that fixed... sorry :(


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