Craft show, the economy and some misc knitting

My girlfriend and I did a craft show this past weekend. I had no idea how political

this would become. It was the primary line of conversation among the vendors.

What a bad year they had,  who had lost their jobs, and what they were eating,

Raman noodles tops the list  Mac and cheese and close 2nd, it was eye opening.

And Yes these people are all voting.

You hear all about the economy, but when I was faced with numerous people,

who try to make their living from self employment, with a lower paying wage job

thrown in, it was over whelming.

I felt lucky to have a job to return to that Monday. I did lower my prices, and

gave generous vendor discounts. With that being said, I did as well as I have done

in the past with shows.

I went away with a new respect for the self employed, and met many great

people. I was next to a women (we were in a barn outside, and it was very chilly

with a stiff breeze) who didn't have gloves and wouldn't buy any. I found some

gloves from a vendor for $2.00 and she said she couldn't afford to pay that. 

I was gobsmacked.

On a brighter note

I finished these simple wrist warmers. Pattern to follow:

And worked on a snake for a Christmas gift, hopefully he is scary enough for a

5 year old boy.

Pattern here, I did change the eyes, and made the tongue red

And worked on a simple wrap, pattern to follow.

May your needle fly as fast as dragonflies...

And get out and vote....


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  1. Vicki,
    That's so sad when someone can't afford gloves to keep warm.
    This economy problem is awful. Lets hope it changes with the new administration.
    Glad you had your normal amount of business at the craft show.

  2. I hate election time. Always lots of promises on both sides, lots of mud-slinging, lots of hype, and then after the election, reality sets in.

    I'll be glad when it's over. I'm interested to see how everything washes out, but as far as following the election coverage, I'm out of that.

    I'm glad for my job, too.

  3. Hi there!

    I went to the best local area craft show today and there appeared to be a lot gloom as well. It wasn't very busy unfortunately! Hope things get better!

    On a lighter note, I've tagged you to share 7 secrets with your fellow etsy bloggers and tag 7 others to do the same!!!

  4. I usually have a long list of craft shows and fairs that I go to every year beginning in Oct. But this year - I won't be going to any at all because money is so tight and gas is so expensive. I need to save my money for things I really want/need. I can completely understand how some of these vendors feel - although I am very fortunate that my husband has a good job and I can stay home with the kids.. we've had to make alot of sacrifices.

  5. The economy is a concern for everyone these days and the topic of discussion at all get-togethers. I'm glad that despite all you had a pretty good show.

    Your mitts are terrific and timely and that snake is scary enough to please any little boy :)


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