Accidental Knitted Wrap or Shawl pattern

I  started knitting a wrap in a simple pattern.

You may use any yarn you choose, I picked a part mohair yarn that I had already had it was Patons Devine (it is a wool/acrylic/poly blend (in pink) that I had bought for a baby blanket who turned out to be a boy)

Use needles approx. twice the size recommended on the label of your yarn, my yarn recommended size 10 us needles and I used 17.

Amount: I used three skeins, which was plenty long with some left, at 142 yd's per ball or around 400 yards needed.

Recommended to knit a swatch and measure, remember your lace will stretch.

If you are a tight knitter, and don't like the look of your swatch. Use larger needles, you may also yo twice in row 4 (knit, yo, yo, knit continue.....)

Play around then when you are happy

Cast on 50 stitches ( 40 if using bulky yarn or you want your wrap shorter)

row 1 knit

row 2 knit

row 3 knit

row 4 *knit, yo* repeat

row 5 knit, drop all yo's from previous row

repeat rows 2-5 until your piece is long enoughOr make it a little longer as I did, I hate to waste yarn, and join the ends at a point, to create a poncho look.

poncho sewn 

You may also just throw it on, and use a shawl pin. This is a beautiful on Etsy by Irishfiddlers shop shawl pin

012 close up of pattern

010 back of shawl, or you can wear it to the side or front

Pic is in a different pattern, see belowmoeblila

You can make it long enough to reach just around your top portion and then

sewing the two ends together, join them with a twist, forming a mobius, which will twist in your front. (have fun with this, the above was done in a different pattern, look for a fun knitted pattern here, then cast on and create your mobius, as simple or complicated as you desire)


May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies....


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  1. Well, accidental or not, it's very nice! I love moebius shawls. They are so versatile.

  2. I love simple and easy shawl patterns that allow you to knit until you run out of yarn. It's so much more enjoyable.

  3. This pattern is wonderful. i looked for a long time for one that would suit my friend. lt knits up fast and mine will just be a "Shawl".l used a wonderful soft yarn and it looks great, almost half done.Thank you for posting this pattern. l will use it to make more gifts for friend.
    Happy Holidays from TX.

  4. Thank you very much for the pattern, I will try it soon.


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