rag quilts, the quest for a pattern and making

My girlfriend and I are doing a Christmas Craft show, I was going to sell handmade scarves, (which I am now) but quickly decided that I needed something that was quicker to make. Thus, the quest for a item. I have quilted a lot in the past, but have not for years now. So after much dithering and searching I decided to try my hand at baby/toddler size rag quilts.

I really had a hard time finding info on them. I just started myself, by using some descriptions of rag quilt that I had seen for sale on EBay etc... and after a few errors along the way decided on the way I was going to proceed.
This is the best free info that I found on the Internet: http://www.craftsofchaddsford.com/makeragquilt.htm
Beware, for you must have some muscle in your cutting hand, the snipping of the "rags" to get the cute look of the quilt, is a marathon of hand cramping!! I now have 20 quilts done, mine measure approx. 40X40inches. One of the big problems, is that I am continually buying more flannel, just a little bit more for the back of this one, etc....
But if you are just making one for a family member or friend I would recommend it.
1. Extreme number of snips needed to make the quilt, get the great rag look, more snips=better looking
2. Your washing matching, watch out!!! I had to wake my husband up (I am a night owl) one night when I was sewing and washing some, SO many little threads come out of these quilts, upon the first wash that our sump pump was stopped up with them. Also very hard on your dryer. Even though it adds to my expense overall, the laundry mat is the way to go.
3. Wash along the first couple of times. Threads everywhere!!!
4. But on the good side, very easy, gets softer and cuter with more use, kids and babies love them!!
Good luck and check out the link if you are interested....Also I have seen many available on EBay if you need one right now, and the prices there are extremely reasonable, in fact I don't know how some of them are selling so cheap. (of course with all EBay or interest things, what you actually get in the mail is often not what you expected from the picture).
Good luck!!!

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  1. It's funny, your primary focus is knitting with quilting on the side. Mine is quilting with knitting on the side! Glad I could break your quilting slump.


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