Rag quilts and crazyness..

I haven't mentioned it, but a girlfriend and I are doing our first Christmas Craft Show! We have never tried anything like this before, she is a manic beader and I am trying my hand at rag quilts. We are going through various stages of panic, exhaustion, worry and excitement about it.
I have spend into the 4 digits now just on materials, and so has she, I have gone from thinking about what I am going to do with the money I make (originally buy a spinning wheel) to just hoping I break even. It appears to be a dog eat dog craft show world out there. I think I will make about .75 cents an hour. I can see why all of our things are made in third world countries and why use to have alot of children to run their farm etc...
Does anyone have any advise???

On the knitting side of things I am trying to balance my knitting with frantic quilting. I did knit on my 2nd shurg arm and am up to the decrease part, I am working 2nd shift so tonight, maybe I can knit some when I get home.
(much quiter for my family than a sewing machine at 1 a.m.) I am quite anxious to get this put together and start knitting the ribbing around, of course I don't think I have a circular needle in the right size and this means I will have to make a trip to my LYS, and lots of temptation and the smell of yarn and oh my........ http://www.knitwittsyarnshoppe.com/
Keep on happy knitting...

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