Patron Saints and finishing my sleeve

I have finished my 2nd sleeve, taking a small break before I continue to refer to the "destructions" (as my husband likes to call them, that might reflect on the amount of frogging I do??)

While I was finishing the sleeve I was listening to "Cast On" a podcast by Brenda Dayne, If you have not heard her check her out!! http://www.cast-on.com/ it is a wonderful podcast, one can learn all kinds of things, she has a great way of presenting all of her topics and has music, and essays.

If knitting had a patron saint I believe it would be Brenda Dayne. I did find a idea I like alot from another blog:

Franklin in Chicago picked St. Clair. I like his logic:I want to say a prayer but don’t know who the patron saint of knitters is. I decide on St. Clare of Assisi – she’s the patroness of embroiderers and can always pass along the message – and the Virgin Mary, who is obviously fond of shawls. http://the-panopticon.blogspot.com/2005/08/stitches-midwest-diary-part-one.html

So until next time I am going to walk the puppies and then set down and begin to sew the shrug up.....and I have not made that trip to my LYS yet to get that circular needle.

Keep Happy Knitting

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