Knitting while I'm suppose to be quilting

Well I keep trying to quilt for the craft show, but somehow I keep picking up yarn, looking at yarn magazines, after all Fall is the Great issue for all knitting Mag's. I have been sewing up my shrug, Yes I finally got it put together, now I am ready to start knitting my ribbing around it.

I am working on the Cat's Paw lace scarf, and believe it or not, after spending a unbelieveable amount of money on fabric, batting and thread etc....Yes I have started buying yarn and knitting scraves to try and sell at the craft show.

Eeek! And it is the first weekend in Dec. and I have, oh, I am not ready to pull my head out of the sand yet and admit how many yards of fabric I have to quilt up.

Don't get me wrong, like to quilt, but yes you know what I am going to say, LOVE to knit.

So Until I pull my head out of the sand and get the gritty stuff out of my eyes.....

Keep Happy Knitting!!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I had decided not to stress unduly about the fabric bleeding problem on the quilt. My solution using the leaf painting technique will encompass any further bleeding that might occur. I really like the Chunky Cable Scarf. I am currently working on a poncho for a friend. It's wonderfully simple knitting while watching MLB playoffs!


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