It's FRiiiiiiday...

OK it's Friday, but for me it feels like a Monday, I promised myself I would get the shrug together by the end of the week. I work a swing shift plus weekends so I am on 2nds right now, I always think I will get sooooo much done!! HA
So I have knitted a little, and knitted on a Cat's Paw lace scarf http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/scarves/kidm-catspaw-scarf.html
Free pattern, it is the first lace item I have had success with, as usual I start out too big and then it gets tossed to the side. The Cat's Paw scarf is something little I can carry around and knit at work in my "spare time" to try and get a little sanity into my day.
Check it out!!!

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