My appliances conspire against me, and knitting actually occurs


First it was my washer that decided to die, after being nursed along and babied for about a year. Then my range started heating with no limit, from cold to brimstone in 15 minutes. Now my refrigerator has gone kaput!

So I’m off today, and my big plans are to buy a new one! Ugh! Decisions, top freezer, bottom, French door, or side by side?

In view of that I have decided to start knitting again, finally!

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I’ve had this yarn for quite some time, I bought it to make this hoodie. I have never started it

Now I’m thinking I’ll try to use the yarn for a Knitty pattern Iced by Carol Feller (of  http://www.stolenstitches.com/) I love the ease of this sweater and it is knit in one piece, I would rather do this than separate pieces. After a swatch and calculations for several modifications, I’m hoping to get my knitting mojo back!

Thanks to Theresa at Blueberries, Art and Life for getting me back into a knitting mood.

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain."


  1. So. I have a freezer on the bottom which I like. It puts everything in the fridge up at eye level. I no longer have unidentified green growing things in there. That said, it is also a PITA to get something out of the back of the freezer: I have to sit on the floor.

  2. I also have a freezer on the bottom that I like. But mine has a pull-out drawer so I don't have to sit on the floor. At my age, I wouldn't be able to get back up.

    Yay for knitting again. I'm a knitting fool getting Christmas mittens and scarves knitted in time to mail out.

  3. 1. Love the new artsy header!

    2. Aha! I see you're easily tempted and led astray when I send you emails showing yummy knitting patterns! LOL!!

    3. So what did you end up getting in the appliance line? I'd like to have a self cleaning kitchen floor if they ever invent such a thing ;-)


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