Fiber Momentum

A quick sketch of a tree in my backyard, now minus its leaves.


Done with a office supply felt tip marker, a fairly fat one.

And finally some fibery progress….

After dithering about after every two rows, I decided to forge ahead on my Iced Sweater from Knitty made with Colinette Point Five. 007

Due to the flash, the colors look pinker than the actual yarn. This is a top down sweater pattern, and after sweating the gauge for a bit. I’ve decided to consider it as a suggestion as to how much “off” I’m going to be, and try to compensate from there.

I have no idea if I’ll have enough yarn to complete the sweater. I have 10 skeins of 50 m each = 500 meters or 546 yds. of Cardinal, (it is fairly bulky, I’m not sure if it is considered super bulky). The recommended needle size on the label is 17 and I’m using a 10 to get close to the gauge needed. This resulted in most of my problems, the knit is turning out to be thick and rather stiff. But I’ve decided to think of it as a warm sweater/coat. I’m searching on EBay and Ravelry for more yarn.  If not, I’m thinking of finding a thick and thin maroon to finish it with. But hopefully I won’t have to go there.

Some spinning has occurred also. I’ve almost spun all of my BFL dark brown up. I just finished plying 2 bobbins, and I’m letting it (and myself) rest tonight. I have two more to ply (hopefully soon). Wishing for enough for a sweater, but I’m estimating approx. 630 yards will result from this pound of fleece.

So I seem to be running short on every project I have going…


What is on your needles?


  1. Lovely sketch, I like that you included the shadow of the tree.

  2. I need to get back into drawing a little bit each day. I'm just about finished with a comp book as my journal and will definately not use one of those again 'cause the paper is very thin. Can only use ball point, pencil and colored pencils. I want to play with markers and paint and these pages just won't handle it. Lovely sketch BTW.

  3. Lovely tree. I keep thinking about getting my pencils out again but I've been sidetracked by knitting and crocheting projects. And the flu. I hope to establish a routine that includes daily drawing.

    I finished up the mittens for now and plan on gathering up my wool ease to make some more socks for the winter. It will look very odd since I'm using odds and ends but it will be under my jeans so who will notice.

    And I'm nearly done with my ripple afghan.

  4. The shawl looks cute! Love the sketch too. Pen and ink is wonderful.


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