Crayola inspired


A quick sketch of an Amaryllis that I have. I love these flowers, they give us a bit of color when the days are cold and grey.

I did a fast sketch with some Crayola paint brush pens, which I bought on an impulse, thinking they would be good to pack and take (and the price was right). With basic primary colors they are fun, but don’t blend well.

I used a standard office black marker to add some details, and then regular Crayola crayons to add depth to my colors. It was a fun project to play around with.

003Compact, cheap and fun. Find the child inside of you again.


  1. Indeed, the amaryllis is a punch of cheerful red during gray and dark days! Well done, Vicki!

  2. I couldn't get over how much this reminded me of a flower picture I did once. And it's a nice opportunity to say hi.

  3. Good grief girl, you've been busy! How on earth do you find time to do all that you do and still work?!!!

    Went back and read all the posts I'd missed... sumi, spinning, the sweater, ink drawings and crayon... nobody can say you're stuck in a rut!:-)


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