A trip down the stairs

I have been down and out lately, I took a trip off a platform, and landed on the stairs and kept going.
I have my mother to thank for her strong bones, even when she was under 100 lbs and ill, she never broke a bone. So no broken bones, but crutches and lots of ouchies.
I can sit for a short while in a chair now, but besides feeling like I was drug behind a train, I’m having spinning withdrawal! I haven’t been able to knit much, but I can knit dish cloths!009
So everyone I know will be getting one when I return to life. I took a trip to the doctor yesterday and discovered that the leaves on all of the trees came out, while I was hibernating.
I’m starting on my sock again, since I’m decreasing my pain meds, and am hoping to be able to finish that.
Pattern: Kumara Bed Socks
Yarn: My own dyed yarn,Turn it Down a Notch , Spicy Mama Colorway
Take care, and get your knitting needles out!


  1. Oh, poor baby! Hope you feel better soon :)

  2. OUCH!! So while I've been helping take care of a patient.. you've become a patient... not good! Sure hope you're back to your usual spry self.... and gosh, if you have to be confined.. at least you can still knit ;-)

    Wishing you limber, pain-free joints in your immediate future :-)


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