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This Etsy seller has two shops MadaleneJewles and MadaleneKnits, you can read her blog at Magdalenejewelsblogs
Nothing conjures up more of a magical feeling within when one see the first buds on the trees; the robin’s call to its mate; the burst of the crocus breaking the winter’s earth. Spring is not just a season to many, but a calling of renewal. The smiles return, the warmth of the sun begins to shine through, thoughts of love in the air filled with the aroma of the flowers of Spring.
So too does beauty exist within many other realms in life. Here I bring forth “like a burst of Spring” a few pieces from my shop, which I hope will bring that warmth of Spring with magic in the air.

And with this, I agree!
From her knits shop
 Crocheted Baby Lamb $20.00
I love this little baby lamb!

NeckWarmer - Dark Brown Tones $30.00

Who wouldn’t be happy with this? And it would go with everything! So feminine.
From her beads shop….

SwarovskiCrystal Necklace of J onquil.Peridote with Floral Polymer Pendant $65.00

I love this springy daisy necklace, it would look good with a summer dress!
Swarovski Crystal Light Topaz Pendant Earrings $22.00
topaz earrings
I like these, simple, but they would dress up any outfit, from a prom, wedding or just a night out!
Enjoy shopping!!

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