Libras and PVC niddy noddys

My astrological sign is Libra. Libra, also known as "The Scales" or "Balance", is the only symbol of the zodiac that is represented by an inanimate object, rather than an animal or human.

As a Libra I like everything, just so, with my niddy noddy, I can quickly determine the yardage of spinning I have done and have a better idea of what I can knit with it. Before the N-N, I was flying by the seat of my pants.

My new PVC niddy noddy is the perfect balance of function and affordability. The plans were given to me by my ravelry girlfriend, Dana. PVC niddy noddy plans, also see the valuable “notes” in FiberFools blog about the dimensions, and resulting yardage. For less than 4.00 I have a great tool to quickly measure my yarn!

You can have the guy at Home Depot, etc cut it for you!


The yarn that is pictured on the niddy noddy is some that Dragonfly Soars sent to me, it spun up beautiful and very fine. I decided to autowrap it with some Sulky thread.


Spun up single (above)

(below) with sulky thread auto wrapped


I got approx 300 yards of this, I like this pattern the Arrowhead Lace Scarf by Sydney Harper, and this one, Kid Merino Cat's Paw Lace Scarf by S. Jo Morohashi,  for the kitty lovers, and Wisp, by Cheryl Niamath, from Knitty summer of 07. Just to name a few!

Below is a You Tube from JazzTurtleCreations about autowrapping.

I’m very happy with the softness of it! Can wait to see what it becomes.

Play with your yarn this week and have some fun!


  1. If my monitor is correct, your yarn looks like a lovely seafoamy color. It is beautiful. As a Libra, I understand.

  2. I love my PVC niddy noddy! Aren't they just the bomb?!

  3. Sadly I have no wheel or rather, not yet. When I do though I'll be sure to get a niddy noddy. I love tools!


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