Basketball and Butler

Living in Indiana and coming from Indianapolis means basketball! This final four was great and exciting!

So it has been all basketball at my house, with a little spinning thrown in, too much excitement for concentrating on a knitting pattern. Now we are big dog people and I’ve got to tell you, I love the Butler Bulldog doggie!

If you were wondering… The Lucas Oil Stadium of the final four policy is; "We allow teams to bring pets in the building if they are the mascot and it is a domesticated animal.” bulldogs

Blue II, the live bulldog mascot, yes he has a live feed, he blogs, he is on You Tube, and more!

Of course Butler's real bulldog with his giant rawhide bone is adorable and who can’t love this guy! Because he is "real and carries a bone."

This sweet and wrinkled dog breed is usually pretty easygoing, loyal and even a bit goofy. Despite its reputation for multiple potential health problems, the Bulldog makes a wonderful companion. If you are a Bulldog owner, then I'm sure you are more than familiar with the great qualities of this breed - perhaps so much that you don't mind the snorting, snoring and slobbery kisses! Love the breed? Please tell me all about your Bulldog!



  1. Did you notice that UC Santa Barbara made the tourney????? That's my undergrad and they play ball in the "Thunderdome." Going to their games were some of the most fun I had in college ~ they had some good players at the time (Brian Shaw, etc. in late 80s).

  2. Once Kentucky was out of the running I was so hoping that Butler would win.


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