Spinning the blues away

During the grey rainy days of winter here. I have found one of the best activities that chases the blues away is spinning.

With not much energy to think about a big project, spinning is a mindless, and rewarding activity.

Here is my girlfriend spinning, this is her first try on a wheel. She is a master at the spindle. So it was no surprise that in one day she spun about 4 oz of a mixed batt up.

004 Spinning with her hat made of spindle spun.

005 Before

009 After

This came out beautiful!!

I’m working on spinning some persimmon roving from Paradise Fibers.

I actually got a lace shawl out of the corner of my closet and started on it again.

Get your knitting needles out and get going.

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  1. She's b-a-a-ack!

    Pretty header photo... so colorful and cheery.

    I'm trying to remember what a spindle looks like. They do spinning at my LYS, but I think they all use wheels.

  2. I love spindle spinning! Talk about relaxing...

  3. Looks like you are knitting a log cabin blankie too. Love your header picture.
    Happy Valentine's Day.


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