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I don’t know maybe it is just me, but there just wasn’t enough knitwear in the opening ceremonies to satisfy me! Of course we are in the middle of a blizzard with high winds. I’m bundled up on the sofa with my DH watching the nations enter with their flags was beautiful. Yes, the outfits were great, nice colors, and patterns. I saw a few sweaters, mostly hats and mittens, But I wanted to see some serious knitwear, that looked “real” (hand knit), and soft, like I wanted to touch it and bury my face in the warmth of it. I didn’t see enough, but here are my favorites.

When I think of the opening ceremony for the winter Olympics  I want to see some serious sweaters! Something like Dale of Norway. Here is the link for the Norwegian delegation sweater pattern. Of course they know how to make great sweaters. Check out some Ravelry knitters results here, here,and here for your sweater fix.(oops more, and more) Now that we all agree that Dale of Norway knows how to do inspirational knit patterns.

OK now I feel like, thanks to many Ravelry knitters I have my sweater fix taken care of, onward. I loved the Canadian mittens, pattern available here for $5.00 [rav link], here is a hat [rav link $5.00] that looks like it matches the mittens on Ravelry. Here are some Canadian mittens (free download) that have the red maple leaf design, very nice.  These mittens (free download) were designed to coordinate with official gear worn by Canadians, very nice, I have never knitted, what I think of as a Nordic design, this looks like a perfect intro project into the pattern. You want some mini Olympic mittens? Here is a free download of some mini size red mittens, sporting the Olympic logo and a maple leaf, knit them for a child's bear or hang them on your car mirror to show your support.

If your a sock knitter, and who isn’t this is a free download for Olympic Flame socks


Vancouver Olympics Opening Ceremony

Andorra had sweaters! I didn’t even know where that was! You can buy the sweaters or the hats here, although I believe if you take a look at Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Around book, you can make them, or something near it. Or this classic book Norwegian Hand knits: Heirloom Designs from Vesterheim Museum, if your heart is yearning for a challenge.


Thanks to Monaco for treating us to these lovely sweaters with some nice looking men.

monoco sweater

But as I sat and wishing for some good knits, I  saw the USA hat! I thought it was perfect and loved it! (Of course I’m still in my hat knitting marathon) Although it is designed by Ralph Lauren and you can buy one for $65.00 here


OR Look here for the pattern free on Ravelry if you need to knit this hat! Thanks to Helena Bristow owner of Cleverknits.com, for making this available to us!! Moose or reindeer? ( There is some debate about whether these are reindeer or moose. Ralph calls them moose, but several antler-experts say reindeer) I love them either way. Thanks Helena!!

What do you think they look like?
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hat usahat

So get out your knitting needles and cast on something warm, even if it isn’t Olympic proportions.



  1. The minute, and I mean minute, I saw the Team USA hat, I wanted one. I was glued to the TV just to get glimpses of it. Thanks for the Rav link to it. I am knitting hats for children while watching the Olympics -- perfect knitting 'cause it is quick and mindless.

  2. I say reindeer b/c moose antlers are wide and flat.

  3. I was wondering how long it would take someone to make a pattern for the USA hat! hehe

  4. That was a fun post! And I LOVE the USA hat!!!

  5. Anonymous2/19/2010

    cool hat, I also like the one Lindsey Vonn wore to collect her medal! Anyone seen a pattern for it yet??

  6. I also saw Lindsey's hat and have been searching for the pattern, it looks simple.

    This is a ravelry link of a hat inspired by it.
    Good luck


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