The hat worn by Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn as she won the gold medal in Vancouver at the 2010 Olympic Games

I've been wondering if someone has this pattern! When Lindsey won the gold, we were all excited. As knitters we were glued to the screen, looking at her hat!
Sorry pattern is not longer available due to Olympic committee see link if you want more info


Thanks to belgianwaffleknit at My Waffle House blog we can now knit that cute hat worn by Lindsey Vonn!
Ravelry link here
Check out her blog
Now go knit your hat, even if you don’t ski!
hat 006


  1. How nice! Congrats!
    Here in Sweden again the craze about the crocheted hats worn by the swedish skier Kalla and others in the Olympic Team has emptied all the blue and yellow from lys' es within the country. Luckily i got a stash.
    Happy knitting weekend!

  2. Hey, how cool is that hat??? Great find and thank you for the link!


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