Knitting and podcasts….


Podcasts are great to listen to while knitting or spinning.  I really enjoy it.

I also like to listen to my favorite podcasts, music or books, while cleaning or commuting to and from work.

Some of my favorite are:

Cast On by Brenda Dayne In her description it says “A podcast about Knitting”, but this is so much more. Brenda’s beautiful voice lulls me into a dreamy knitting mode, while I learn about, well you never know. Historical, interesting, musical, essays read by the writers, oh and knitting. She is charming to listen to and never fails to bring  a smile to my face and heart. This is my number 1 podcast.

It’s a PurlMan, a guy in Boston with Knitting issues. Funny and good knitting info. The host, Guido, was introduced to knitting by his fiancé and has been completely obsessed ever since.

The Knitmore Girls A mother and daughter team, who knit. I recently was introduced to this and am enjoying it. I like this duo, and the way they work together to produce a informative and entertaining podcast. I can’t help thinking the whole time, “my Mom would never do this”, makes me want to steal her away.

Lime N Violet a couple of wacky girls, who love yarn, spinning, and always ready to talk us into buying more.

Non knitting podcasts

Wormwood-This is my new favorite. It is a serialized mystery. It is described as arcane mystery, weird romance, and strange horror. I’m enjoying it. It reminds me of weekly radio episodes that use to be produced, way before our time. It is done quite well.

Lipgloss and Laptops, This is produced by a Canadian woman, it usually gets me into trouble, I always find a makeup product to buy after listening. But I always tell myself I save so much money by not buying some products that she reviews that are duds.

Any Jane Austen book, there are quite a few free downloads of classic books here. Of course, who is reading it makes or breaks the listening experience.17

Knitting podcasts come and go. Some of my favorite don’t seem to be producing anymore. (KnittersUnscensored, Pixie purls)

If you have a favorite knitting, or other podcast, please let me know. I would love to find some more.


Get your IPod and your yarn out and get knitting!


  1. Great links. I've never listened to a podcast before and I don't have an Ipod but my computer is right by the kitchen so I can listen while I work in there.

  2. How cool is this! Thanks so much for the links

  3. Wow, thanks for these great links! I usually listen to podcasts while I workout, sometimes while I'm knitting. Now I have some new ones to listen to.


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