Imagine learning knitting from You Tube

When learning to knit or spin, You Tube has been a great resource for me, especially when I’m in the middle of a pattern, and have to figure out something, with no knitter to ask. Here are some recent videos that may help you.
The KnitWitch has a number of great knitting tutorials available. Here are some of her new ones.
Wet Blocking a Knitted Piece
Weaving in Ends on Stockinette Stitch
Weaving in ends on ribbing
How to work in ribbing
How to tell the difference between a knit stitch and a purl stitch
Binding off in Pattern
How to do stockinette stitch
How to perform a knitted bind-off on the right side of your work
How to recognize a backwards knitting stitch
How to Purl through the backloop
Knitted Cast On
Knit Witch Yarn Bowl Demonstration
How to fix a dropped stitch in knitting
How to perfom a Cable Cast-on
I knit with cat fur, is great, don’t let the title kid you, she has a wealth of videos on all sorts of stitches.
Abby Franquemont, love to spin? Check out the queen of the drop spindle and the wheel
Have fun with your knitting!

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  1. I learned to knit using You Tube I still run there whenever I need to learn something new. I am a huge visual learner so it really helps.


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