Hair towel wrap stocking stuffer

holly-leaves-sl-522714-l I have been looking for stocking stuffers, and ran across this tutorial from Skip to my Lou, her blog has so much great info, and is fun to read.

I followed her tutorial. I purchased a bath towel from Wal-Mart that was $2.50, by folding this in two, I was able to make one from each towel, with a little leftover to make a small face towel.

I just bought one towel as a trial run, now I’m off to buy 20 towels and more elastic.

Mini microfiber hair wrap

I have short hair, and the regular size hair wrap is a little larger than I need, so I experimented with a smaller towel. I wouldn’t go any smaller than the size below and if you measure a standard hand towel it is approx. 16 inches x 27 inches. This would be the perfect size.

I purchased two microfiber, (which absorbs water wonderfully), tea towels (size is approx. 25 inches x 12 inches) from the Dollar Tree, price 1.00 a piece, they come in several bright colors. I picked green.


I roughly traced what I thought would be a good shape for the size of my towel, and cut it out.

002 003

This a good size if you have short hair, the towel is quick to dry and easy to use.

The only change I would make in the instructions is, I would move the elastic band up to 5 or 6 inches from the edge, because the “tail” is not as long to catch in it, (I think this would work well for a standard size hand towel as well.

005 006


Then, in just a few moments, a great stocking stuffer for any gal in the family.

Hope this gives you some ideas for the holidays.


  1. What a great idea! I simply use headbands to keep my hair off my face but the hair flops forward.

  2. Great idea. I just cut my hair short so this idea would work really well for me.

    And thanks for the new blog to read. It looks like a keeper. Where do you find these?


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