Henna II, the sequel..Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water


Some sequels are just plain better than the original, Die Hard 2, the 1989 Christmas Vacation, Return of the Jedi, Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan, After the Thin Man, The Bourn Supremacy, Toy Story 2, and my last one Dawn of the Dead. Sometimes it takes some tweaking to get it just right. Knitters live by this lesson..

So fearlessly my henna saga continues. I decided to re-henna my hair with the hopes that I would be able to get that rich color I was seeking.

With henna you can add several other plants, that are dried and ground, to adjust the color. Indigo, which we all are familiar with, can be added to darken it from a little all the way to black. (the indigo when combined with henna produces a deep rich black). If you desire a strawberry blonde look you may add some cassia obovata, this adds a golden color. To tone down the brilliance of the red, people add buxus dioica (also known as Katam, has been used for obtaining light brown, ash browns and brunette colors),which cools the colors. Amla (also known as the Indian Gooseberry), also is reported to tone down the color of the red, so not as vibrant.

It is fun to mix yourself, like in knitting and the gauge rule, in hair coloring it is “test strand”.

  006 Chemically dyed and over highlighted

So after the first day of applying a 2/3 henna (75 gms) and 1/3 cassia mix (25 gms), after 4 hours my hair ended up to be this color.

001 Day 1, no oxidation yet.

The darkening of henna from orange to reddish brown (commonly referred to as oxidation).

 I still decided I would like to see if I could get the super bleached out front to match the back a little more.

Day 5, I mixed henna (100 gms) with approx. (9 gms) of amla. Waited for the dye to release overnight, and got to applying.

009 Immediately after rinsing out, photo taken in the sun.

010 Better! Not so fiery.

I will post photos after this application has oxidized and see how much that changes the color.

So I’m a red head for now.Betty_Boop_wink2

Now I need to get out my knitting needles and start knitting!!

Below are the best links to check this method of hair coloring out, they have all of the info you need to get started.

http://www.mehandi.com/shop/ everything you need here, a free downloadable e book that covers everything, forums, shops, photos and stories of henna users and what they used. As well as info on commercial hair dye.

http://www.ancientsunrise.com/ A more fool proof way of getting what you need, packaged into a box for you.

http://www.hennacaravan.com/how/hennayourhair.html more how to’s and recipes for the colors you want.

http://ilovehenna.tripod.com/id1.html I love this woman's hair, her two years journey with her henna use, also includes info on other colors.

http://www.tapdancinglizard.com/ Check this out if you are curious about henna body art.

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  1. That's amazing. I love the red color.


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