Virgin needle felting

I bought a needle felting kit from Wildhare Fiber Studio on Etsy.  It was reasonable, and had everything I needed.

I have never done any needle felting, but was intrigued by the Spin, Knit and Life blog and her results. She directed me to this great site.

I decided to begin with my first attempt on my Sophie bag by Julie Anderson (rav link) . Which I actually saw on the Instructables site first and became interested in.

It is a very easy felted bag, it would be great for a first time knitted project, the handles provide a quirky interest and make it look more complicated than it is.


Bag is quickly knit and I start on the handle, along the way I decide to make it a tri handle twined bag instead of two twined together. Because, hey who can make a pattern without a little tweaking.


Then just twist them all and attach. Easy.

018 020

Prefelted photo and a close up of the handle.


Here we are post felting.

Then I decided to pick out some fabric to line it with, I hate to have a knitted purse that droops and stretches out.


Inspired by the leaf print, and looking for something simple I tried to felt a tree like silhouette and add some buds of color, then wondered if I should add leaves or grass or maybe a bird, and then realized I might be headed toward the Bedazzler syndrome, (no one with a Bedazzler can put just one stud or rhinestone on an item)


Start with a branch?


Make two

022 I decided to stop here. Although it was really hard not to keep going, I was afraid I would make my purse into a ugh.

Lining your bag, especially if knitted, makes it sturdy, and resistant to stretching. It is easy to do and you can include pockets if you wish. Adding a zipper is also an option.

After needle felting I decided my first choice of fabric wasn’t the best. I wanted something to high light the buds on the branches.


I decided on two different prints with red in them.

A little measuring, pinning and sewing and …..


I’m done!


Ready to organize all the things you need.


Ready to go….

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


  1. The bag looks great. Love the branches and the buds!

  2. Did you know that if you felt your knitting a little more, it won't stretch out of shape? Felting actually strengthens your fabric so much that unless it becomes wet, nothing will stretch it out...of course, that usually means that you have to block your felted item before it dries so it will be in the shape you want.

  3. I have looked at that felting kit to make a bar of soap! I'll be interested in what you think of it.

    That purse is fantastic! I love everything you did from the lining to the needle felting - plus the zipper too. Total awesomeness! Enjoy :)

  4. You done good, girl! I like it!

  5. What a cute purse!

    My first felting project was a disaster. If I had your success, I might never have tossed in the hat.

  6. Beautiful! You did a great job.


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